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I'm back with a new installment in the series! I've kept you guys cliffhanged for long enough now.

It's been five whole years since I started making this series, and so far, it's been an honorful journey to have you guys with me on. I'm serious, it does truly mean the world to me. Grab some chicken, fried potatoes and some of that Diet Mountain Dew; lets beign the path of exile...


Rayman stared at his worryful men behind the rock as bullets ricochet by them. Was this the end, he aske himself. They were pinned down so much that they only had five men left. Suddently, Rayman noticed a gastank a few yards away. "Cover me, boys," shouted out of his mouth, while he ran towards the gastank. "O-AH!" went out of the mens mouth, so they ran out in the field and shot towards the enemies cover.

Rayman ran back to cover and winked his troops back. He grabed a signal flare, ingnited it and strapped it to the gastank. He took the gastank and thew it as far as he could, just a few feet away from their cover. Rayman took his .50 anti-tank sniper rifle. Aiming, slowly and steady; his finger pushed the trigger. A BBC bullet penetrated the air faster than the speed of light. A bright light came as the bullet hit the gastank. Everyone got tinnitus from the shockwave. "Hostiles down," ran proudly out of Raymans mouth.


So, guys, this is it for now. It's is truly inspiring, amazing and condoning to be a part of a series this good. We have come four long-long years since the start. I've loved it ever since the beginning; my childhood is a part of this. I'm sorry to leave you for a long cliffhanger yet again, but I'll definitley see you in the next one.

It's been over a year guys since the last part of the adventure. Actually, I've been doing these stories for 4 years + now. All the way back in September 2009. Hope you enjoy this one too! Have some of that buttermilk biscuits, rabbit gravy and some fried chicken while you read this.

Rayman pushed his crew to cover behind a big rock. Everyone was terrified - they were outnumbered. "Allright, men! Keep your fucking shit together!", screamed Rayman. "O-AH", shouted the troops back. Rayman ran first out of cover, as the rest followed on. Rayman standing 6'5" / 220 lbs, held a .50 cal sniper rifle shooting one of the incoming enemies. The team started shooting as followed. Everyone was shocked by the leadership that guy could have. None could express themselves. Their confidence went sky high!

As the fight went on, they started loosing troops and started falling back to the rock. Their confidence went down. "Rayman, are we gonna make it?", asked one of the soldiers worry full. Rayman looked deep in this eyes... and said: "Son, once my dad said... you can make it... you will always make it... and he was a great man... standing 6'7" / 250 lbs... and someday, you will too". The soldier smiled and gave the dude a hug.

That was all I could get done by this time! Sorry if it got a little tense back there and I know you guys HATE cliffhangers.. so I'm finna make another one in a couple of weeks... maybe months... :D See ya!

The long awaited follow up!

2012-09-29 11:34:37 by uglybetty

Hello people! A new part of the story is here. Read it and get a cookie!

Rob fell on the ground. The blood ran everywhere. While some of the team mates looked after the closing movements, the others tried to stop the bleeding-- but with no help at all. The wound was to big and they had to get Rob to a paramedic ASAP. "Please!", shouted Rob, "p-ut-- put me out of this misery". Everyone was quite and looked at eachother. While Rob gasped and screamed, only one was brawe enough to stand out from the groups incompacyness. His name was Rayman.

He took his M9 pistol and pointed it to Rob's head. "Thank you, son", shouted out of Rob's mouth right before the trigger was pushed. None said a word. It was all quite.

While everyone was shocked over the execution of their commander, the unidenified movements came in closer.

The SWAT game might come out!

2012-05-02 16:48:18 by uglybetty

In September 2009 I was talking about making a SWAT game. And anyhow I found the project file and will start making it now.

In the mean time enjoy this new part of the game:
Control: Delta! What happend? Do you read me?
Delta: Yes! Loud and clear!
Control: Get back to base. Killing the hostages was not your mission!
Delta: Ok, Control. Moving back to base. Over and out.

Alpha team was shoked and started to set up a protimeter in the building. Delta team moved out and they were on their own for now on. Suddently, Alpha team notices something.

Alpha: Control. This is Alpha team, do you copy?
Control: Yes, Alpha. Status?
Alpha: We see movements in the field, but we can't see if they are friendlies or not.
Control: Copy that, Alpha. We will send a satellite. Hang on.

As the movements came closer, Alpha team got ready for combat. Rob was the team leader and decided to get the team ready for combat.

Rob: Alright, men! This is what we are trained for... let's give 'em hell!
Everyone: Oh-aaa!

Suddently, a snipershot came straight through the window and hit Rob.

Thanks for reading. I will come later with an update and the rest of the story.

I'm back!

2011-06-19 08:15:28 by uglybetty

Hope to be more active in the forums for the summer!

Btw, when is the redesign?

Last year I said something about a SWAT game. It will not come out.

Two reasons:
1. The .fla was deleted.
2. I don't want to start again.

So... Seeyah. maybe I start makin something else! :)


2009-09-29 06:03:36 by uglybetty

Here's the old footage:
Alpha: We're at the roof and waiting for your command, Control.
Control: Copy that, over. We will start the attack in 5...4...3...2...1...GO!GO!
Alpha: We're movin' in!
*One minute later*
Alpha: We see the hostages. Confirm that we're allowed to kill 'em?

Footage 2:
*Delta moves in!* *Bang* *Crazzzzzhhh*
Delta: Hostages down!

I'll stop there, but you can see the fully voice acted version when it comes!

Sorry guys!

2009-09-27 10:31:58 by uglybetty

I'm sorry that the SWAT game din't came out.
I've done 50% of it from now on.


The last footage I gave you guys is been voice acted now, and I'm wanted to give you small parts.
I give you a new footage from the game:
Alpha: We're at the roof and waiting for your command, Control.
Control: Copy that, over. We will start the attack in 5...4...3...2...1...GO!GO!
Alpha: We're movin' in!
*One minute later*
Alpha: We see the hostages. Confirm that we're allowed to kill 'em?

I'm making a SWAT game

2009-09-01 08:46:03 by uglybetty

Here's a real footage from the game:

Jon: This is Alpha Team to Ground Control, do you read me?
Ground Control: Yes, loud and clear. What is it?
Jon: We have 4 men down and we need bac...kkkk...u...h...pp...
Ground Control: Alpha Team Whats your staus?! Over. Do you read me?!

Yeah, that's the startup.

Realsedate: 22nd september.