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The SWAT game might come out!

2012-05-02 16:48:18 by uglybetty

In September 2009 I was talking about making a SWAT game. And anyhow I found the project file and will start making it now.

In the mean time enjoy this new part of the game:
Control: Delta! What happend? Do you read me?
Delta: Yes! Loud and clear!
Control: Get back to base. Killing the hostages was not your mission!
Delta: Ok, Control. Moving back to base. Over and out.

Alpha team was shoked and started to set up a protimeter in the building. Delta team moved out and they were on their own for now on. Suddently, Alpha team notices something.

Alpha: Control. This is Alpha team, do you copy?
Control: Yes, Alpha. Status?
Alpha: We see movements in the field, but we can't see if they are friendlies or not.
Control: Copy that, Alpha. We will send a satellite. Hang on.

As the movements came closer, Alpha team got ready for combat. Rob was the team leader and decided to get the team ready for combat.

Rob: Alright, men! This is what we are trained for... let's give 'em hell!
Everyone: Oh-aaa!

Suddently, a snipershot came straight through the window and hit Rob.

Thanks for reading. I will come later with an update and the rest of the story.


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2012-05-02 16:56:18


uglybetty responds:

I know right!


2012-07-25 13:37:42

:D awesome!