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Sorry, I'm late! (The story continues...)

2013-10-20 09:17:48 by uglybetty

It's been over a year guys since the last part of the adventure. Actually, I've been doing these stories for 4 years + now. All the way back in September 2009. Hope you enjoy this one too! Have some of that buttermilk biscuits, rabbit gravy and some fried chicken while you read this.

Rayman pushed his crew to cover behind a big rock. Everyone was terrified - they were outnumbered. "Allright, men! Keep your fucking shit together!", screamed Rayman. "O-AH", shouted the troops back. Rayman ran first out of cover, as the rest followed on. Rayman standing 6'5" / 220 lbs, held a .50 cal sniper rifle shooting one of the incoming enemies. The team started shooting as followed. Everyone was shocked by the leadership that guy could have. None could express themselves. Their confidence went sky high!

As the fight went on, they started loosing troops and started falling back to the rock. Their confidence went down. "Rayman, are we gonna make it?", asked one of the soldiers worry full. Rayman looked deep in this eyes... and said: "Son, once my dad said... you can make it... you will always make it... and he was a great man... standing 6'7" / 250 lbs... and someday, you will too". The soldier smiled and gave the dude a hug.

That was all I could get done by this time! Sorry if it got a little tense back there and I know you guys HATE cliffhangers.. so I'm finna make another one in a couple of weeks... maybe months... :D See ya!


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